The Advent of Nobody

I’m nobody.  Well, that’s not completely true.  I should say, I’m as much a somebody as anybody else you’ll encounter in your daily life.  However, despite my plebeian status, I still have access to a medium that offers me a chance to reach a wide audience (wider than I would have otherwise), through nothing more than a few keystrokes.  This is much in contrast to the trend that existed for the majority of human history, in which the exchange and distribution of ideas was reserved for a select few (it should be noted that until very recently in our social development, literacy was a rarity among the greater public).

Even though I don’t always comment, or otherwise make my presence known, I actually spent a good deal of time cruising through other people’s sites and posts, enjoying the insights and perspectives (not to mention humor) this diverse pool of writers contribute to my intellectual development.  And, to take a brief but necessary break from the usually grim and sarcastic tone regular readers of this site are used to, I’d like to take this opportunity to mention that I do feel fortunate to live in a time period where such an easy access to both complementary and adversarial thoughts is made available to so many of us.  Yes, there are a lot of things about contemporary  society to be down about, but let’s not ignore the good when we find it.  And if you can’t find any other good in sight, take as good the knowledge that ultimately you and I are both nobodies who actually get to have some semblance of a voice in the public sphere, even if it’s only a tiny corner of it.  And that’s something worth considering.

Keep writing, reading, laughing, and speaking out,

Cheers and thank you!


IG: guy_named_sasha

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One thought on “About

  1. Where do we go to? The seers, mystics, old souls that travel to the depths again and again only to realize humans are a defect of god’s thoughts. All I know is I know nothing. That whatever life’s purpose takes will always be a copy of a copy of a copy. It’s not easy, and has no sliver of truth, this mirage. If I am to be real, then reality is a backwards concept. Most people who’ve been on this planet are no more advanced than the first ape who shat in the jungle, honestly I have more respect for the life in the shat of that being. It’s comical to an extent but for those of us who have never listened to the prime of society all we see and feel is madness. Where is our tribe, where are our brothers and sisters? Today is only that, yet once again it’s uncharted dreams laughed at by the same few who declared themselves and their offspring as God. Peter Kingsley was right, so was Jung, Campbell, Baldwin, and countless others who knew that the collective unconscious will never be free. True freedom only belongs to the few who have always kept it greedily hidden in the house of the self. We can’t even find each other, and we rarely speak to each other. It’s like watching a dog chase its tail for eternity


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