Utopia is Dead!

Utopia once stood as an ideal place that mankind ought to strive to bring about, as a means to elevate and enhance the human experience for all members of our species.  Where it once entailed a spirit of optimism and hope, utopian now stands as a pejorative term against those we see as possessing an irredeemable naivete about life.

“Fool, can’t you see that life is cruel.  What business do you have talking about improving conditions to an ideal state.  How dense do you have to be to think that any such state is even attainable?  The nature of man doesn’t allow for such things.”

I, like most of us, can sympathize with the negativity leveled against the utopians.  But the real issue I’m discussing here is that any such critique is equivalent to chasing shadows in a dark room, devoid of light.  Because utopia, as an ideal, does not exist anymore–utopians do not exist anymore.  There are individuals who wish to improve matters in society, who want to challenge authority, but nowhere can you find someone defending the feasibility of creating a real-life utopia.  Our ambitions have been humbled to reject such grand visions.  Reality forbids us from even entertaining such fanciful projects.

We have cast our ballots, and the verdict is in.  The ideal of utopia is too infantile for our sophisticated sentiments, and mutual contention will be our new ideal, adequacy our new state.

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